Tuesday, December 08, 2009

All Shopped Out

NOTHING - and I mean nothing - tires me out like shopping.  After blogging for the contest, tweeting etc. and revising my "chapter a day keeps the editor away", I zoomed off to the mall.  My credit card is as exhausted as I am.  I refilled the tummy with some chicken shwarma at the food court (which was just okay, should have gone to Sukiyaki for chicken teriyaki instead) and then it was the king of all stores, WalMart.  I managed to fill my cart as well as hand sell the last copy of Montana, Mistletoe, Marriage along with Liz Fielding's and Holly Jacobs' latest books.  Oh yes and bought a copy of Michelle Styles' Viking's Captive Princess as well.

Tonight is Christmas concert night and I have ALL those bags to sort through.

Anyway I've shopped until I practically dropped.  Just wanted to send a reminder as well to send your contest entries to donnaalward@hotmail.com and not my other e-mail address that you might have used in the past.  :-)


  1. I will quite happily sort through your bags for you! I'll even take them of your hands if you'd like? ;)

  2. I shopped till I dropped yesterday myself and now I am sorting through things and trying to wrap them!

  3. shoppin is hard walmart is one of the hardest so big of a store.