Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ticking along

Working on - Doorstep Baby
Listening to - nothing at the mo - husband home, dryer running
Reading - not reading much - the deadline approacheth

Yesterday I got a lot done but not everything I wanted to.  I am now doing laundry today and I desperately need to vacuum.  I did however get the Christmas pud made and also some special cookies for a friend that my husband is hand delivering today.  I also went to fill up the truck, go to the post office, and the grocery store.  I made lasagna and garlic bread for dinner.  And I finished Chapter Nine which is a great relief.  I am getting closer to the end and it always seems to move faster, so I have my fingers crossed for a good couple of writing days.

The stack of magazines on my filing cabinet are starting to taunt me though.  We did not get any subscriptions for 2010.  I'll have all I can manage making it through the Travel and Leisure and National Geographics from this year.  Pitiful.  But when I have a chance to read, I normally pick up a book instead.

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