Friday, November 06, 2009


I woke up this morning to white stuff. This is even earlier than last year! In fact yesterday we changed our plans to go visit my mum this weekend for several reasons, but getting up and seeing the snow and the wind and what not, I was glad we weren't going.

I'm also glad I thought to buy my eldest new winter boots a few weeks ago as her feet grew more than 2 sizes since last year! After breakfast it was evident that dollar store stretchy gloves would not be enough so down to the basement I went for winter jackets, sturdy gloves, and warm hats.

The bus was late, so the dh and I decided NOT to do the longer walk as we were already snow-covered. Instead we put our heads to the wind and walked home, shaking off our outerwear before we came inside. I'll have to venture out later to shake off our apple trees, as they need to be staked and were bent with the heavy weight of the snow this morning.

The kids are ready for hot chocolate and Christmas movies. I'll confess...I just might be too, as well as thinking about pulling a holiday story out of my tbr. All I can say is while I love snow for Christmas, November 6 is a *bit* early and I'm glad that by Monday it should be mostly gone.

For now - has anyone seen my shovel?


  1. It IS too early for this! Dd and I were also running aroung this morning trying to find thicker mits and our boots. Dh told me not to shovel because it will be gone by tomorrow. Seems like a mess for nothing. Stay warm! :)

  2. Gosh - that is early! We haven't had snow where I live for years and I do confess that I do miss it. Why? It's an island and the salt in the air means it doesn't settle. Of course now I've said that we'll probably get the worst snowfall in living memory! lol. Take care. Caroline x

  3. Aww I want a white christmas too! Shovel some snow this way ;)

  4.'s never too early for Christmas movies.

  5. Snow? Wow! And Down Under, we're having a spring heatwave, a prelude to summer.

    Snow sure sounds nice and cool right about now (9.40pm, temp still mid-20s celcius with air-con full blast!)