Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Release day!

This is the official release date for Montana, Mistletoe, Marriage!  It should be on bookstore shelves if it's not already. 

I seriously love this cover so I'm going to post it again just because. 

I am trudging along on the WIP but it went better yesterday.  I just need to keep going.  I can fix it all on the next pass.  Meanwhile, we had a milk incident in my sitting room. It affected my good humour severely when all was said and done.  (I know one shouldn't cry over spilt milk, but no one said anything about serious grumbling). 

It's a shame too because only moments before I had been laughing at the kids' version of "Yo mama's so fat..." jokes. 

My favourite was from the youngest.  Are you ready?

Yo mama's so fat, when she stepped on the scale she said, "O.M.G!  My phone numbah!"

Have a good'un, folks.

1 comment:

  1. LMAO, that's too funny!
    Montana, Mistletoe, Marriage - can't wait to start reading this tonight! :)