Thursday, November 26, 2009

Presale - In time for Black Friday!

It  came to my attention today that the January releases are available as a presale item in the eharlequin Ebookstore!  So you can actually go get One Dance With The Cowboy NOW!  Six weeks before official in store release. 

Normally it would be next week I think, but with Black Friday and all...

I am working away on editing Doorstep Baby and mostly making tweaks. It really is true that you know more at the end and then can layer better when you go back through.  Little things that made sense at the time now don't support the ending motivation, but they are easy changes that I hope will strengthen things. 

It is also the time to make the most of little touches, throwaway things that can now take on a bigger meaning and actually work to show changes within the character arc. 

In some ways, this is one of my favourite parts of a story.  I hope my CP doesn't read this - she'll laugh that I actually admitted that!

Carrying on...

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  1. Yes your CP is laughing. How many years ago is it that the very thought of revising/editing was supremely depressing?