Monday, November 16, 2009

Mix it up Monday

Working on: Doorstep Baby
Listening to:  Kids off; Mythbusters in the background
Reading:  Exclusive! 2005 antho.

We were away on the weekend, visiting my family about 5 hours away.  It was fun but manic.  Friday night we dropped off dog at my inlaws, then stopped at Mc Donalds for supper and ate in the truck.  Arrived at my mum's going on nine - just in time to veg for a few minutes and then punt kids into bed.  Saturday morning was breakfast with mum, visit with sister #1 and drop off their Christmas prezzies, run into town and stop in to see family friend/go to WalMart/have lunch.  Later in the afternoon it was drop off prezzies to sister #2, then back to my mum's for supper. After the kids went to bed, the dh and I went back to sister #2's for a few games of Canasta and a lot of laughs.  Sunday morning was up for breakfast and on the road, lunch and a visit with the inlaws, load up the dog (who had a blast at what we call "nanny camp") and drive home, arriving at 5:30.

BUT my Christmas presents for family are all delivered.  Hooray!

Today it is back to work with a vengeance.  The original plan was to mix up the Christmas pudding yesterday but since we were away, now that has been moved to today.  The kids are off for a PD day and so we will be mixing and stirring and making wishes. 

My Christmas pudding recipe came my way courtesy of my critique partner, Michelle Styles.  She also gave me my favourite rice pudding recipe. 

Now - the deadline calleth, so I'm off.

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