Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's coming....

It's only 12 more days...until my TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS CONTEST!

I've got a great lineup of authors helping me celebrate this year!  One winner is going to get an AWESOME selection of books, all inside a new tote bag and with a few surprises added in for good measure.

It kicks off on November 30!  The day that also happens to be my deadline, so there should be celebrating all around.  I'm thinking the contest is going to help get me in the holiday spirit right off the bat!

Speaking of deadline - last night I managed to break the 40k mark.  Very good news.  But I was up far too late and will pay for it today!  First things first - a coffee run.


  1. Ohhhh I cCan't wait Donna! And good luck with the deadline! It's great when you hit a "0" like 40k/50/ etc. It makes the finishing post that little bit nearer. Take care. Caroline x

  2. So exciting! Congrats on reaching that 40K mark. May coffee rain from the heavens for you today ;)