Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Good News Day

Working on:  The END of Doorstep Baby
Listening to: Must dig out a cd
Reading: An Affair Before Christmas, Eloisa James

Yesterday was a good news day, much needed and much appreciated!  Had a call from my editor and a lovely chat for one, talking about Doorstep Baby, plans for the next book which are very exciting at this point (the lead up is always so much more exciting than the execution, which usually leads into thoughts of "why the hell did I think this was a good idea?), and some news about Her Lone Cowboy.

The most exciting for me was the bit about Her Lone Cowboy.  In the UK, Romances are released as 2 in 1 volumes.  I have never gone retail in the UK before; if my books have shown up in shops it is because they were an introductory offer in limited quantities.  But this Cowboys and Confetti duet is going retail.  January has One Dance with the Cowboy paired up with Jessica Steele's The Girl From Honeysuckle Farm.  Fab!  But while Her Lone Cowboy will be on shelves in the US in March, the UK release has been pushed back until April.

Normally that might be a bit disappointing, but not this time.  This time it's so exciting I might have squealed a little and I definitely bounced.  In April Her Lone Cowboy is paired up with Diana Palmer's Tough To Tame!

I am so very pleased and thrilled and a bit star-struck that my name will be on a book cover with Diana Palmer's!  Yay for lovely editor and scheduling!

The other good news was that the dh picked up the mail and there were a few foreign translations that I didn't know about.  Hired By The Cowboy was out in Denmark and Finland.  So yay!  One was a 2 in 1 with Marion Lennox and the other a standalone.  I LOVE getting foreign editions even if they take up a lot of space in my basement.  It is so neat to see another language and how they are packaged and the cover art, etc.

But today is back to the grind, finishing up the book so I can begin going over it again.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be back to say 'tis done.


  1. It's great to have a Good News Day - well deserved Donna. Take care. Caroline x

  2. Anonymous2:13 p.m.

    That's all awesome news!! Congrats! Oh, and I just picked up your Christmas book--can't wait to read it. I remembered I loved that cover when you posted, and it is gorgeous!

    (abbycat from eharlequin)

  3. Such exciting news, Donna. What a thrill it must be to be told directly on the phone about the scheduling and formats, but also to open mail that brings those unexpected pleasures.


  4. Oh wow! How fantastic Donna! I'd be squealing too!

  5. Fab news, Donna - yay for you!