Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Working on: Chapter Six of Doorstep Baby
Listening to: Josh Groban
Reading: The Viking's Captive Princess, Michelle Styles

It is a bleak, cold, November day outside.  The rain is icy cold and the air goes through to your bones.  After a quick, necessary walk for the dog, we came back home to a warm breakfast of maple oatmeal and an extra half-cup of coffee.  I have a lamp on for cozy light (it's very dark, even with the blind open) and I put on "comfort music" - Josh Groban.  Now fingers crossed for a good writing morning.

I should catch up with reel reviews right?  Last night the dh and I finished watching the final season of The Unit.  We were only going to watch a few episodes and we ended up watching the final four.  I was on the edge of my seat trying to keep it all straight.  For the most part, things ended in a satisfying way.  I am really going to miss this show.  It is one of those where even though it is fictional - and over - you wonder what is going to happen to the characters next. 

I did like how they handed the Colonel and Jonas.  Viewer loyalty - and the loyalty of the men - has always been with Jonas, so the Colonel's situation ended just right.  And may I say that Max Martini is vastly underestimated as an actor.  His scenes in the church had me wiping my eyes.  I'm thrilled with how his storyline ended as well. 

Anyway in a lighter vein - we watched Paul Blart Mall Cop on the weekend.  It is SO funny.  I love Kevin James and he's at his best here.  It's nothing profound but it is fine entertainment to watch with the kids.  All four of us laughed lots, so it was the perfect downtime activity.

The girls and I have watched all the Hornblowers, so last night we moved on to North and South.  It is a proud moment when they go to the dvd cabinet and the three choices they come out with are North and South, Cranford, and Jane Eyre.

P.S. Just read This Interview with Nora Roberts.  I love her thoughts on not leaving the house for three weeks.  I agree COMPLETELY.


  1. We're having icy cold rain too! Winter has arrived. It was 70 degree last week! Climate change - I think so! Great interview with Nora - she is awesome isn't she. Six books a year. Wow! Take care. Caroline x

  2. Dare I mention is hot and sunny here? ;)

    I'm a Nora-a-holic and I wouldn't turn down $60 million a year... I love that we can use the economy as an excuse to shop ;)

    Thanks for the link Donna! :D

  3. It is cold! We'll probably have our first snow soon. It usually happens some time in November.

    Thanks for posting that link to the interview. Very interesting!