Friday, November 27, 2009

Around the blogosphere...

Working on:  Edits of Doorstep Baby
Listening to:  PD Day at school; so the annoyance that is League of Super Evil is on the tv
Reading: Still the Eloisa James.  I need a couple of solid reading days after this book goes in

I haven't read all week.  Well, not beyond some research materials and my own manuscript as I edit away.  At some point next week, once this book is handed in, I'm taking a few afternoons and curling up with a book.  I am going to INDULGE.  Even if I can't take a few solid days to read, I want to work in the morning (so many odd jobs to do in December!) and take a few hours in the afternoon before the kids get home to get lost in a book or two.  Or three.

Last night we hit a sale and I got the 2 main things we were planning on getting for the kids, so I am that much closer to finishing Christmas shopping.  Then after they were in bed, I finished up a pair of mittens I am knitting for Christmas.  One more pair to go.  I did start to watch Northanger Abbey as I knit - which I'm enjoying A Lot.

And today, it is hopefully going through the last six chapters of the ms.  Tonight is the company Christmas party, so I'd really like to finish this pass so I can do one more refining pass before it goes in (plus I have to write a synopsis). 

So...while I'm doing that stuff, you can visit me at The Pink Heart Society for Must Watch Friday and see what I watched recently in the name of research.  And you can also pop over to Tawny Weber's blog for my Quick Six interview that should be up later this morning.

Have a good weekend all!


  1. Which Northanger Abbey are you watching?

  2. (BTW You are SO much more organised than me that it makes me a little sick.)

  3. Oh I'm jealous. I'm a terrible knitter. I'm pretty sure I had my needles confiscated when I was ten (and probably with good reason I was quite accident prone then). It would be nice to be a little more creative. Sadly I think the rational side of my brain is staging a take over ;)