Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Working on:  Doorstep Baby
Listening to: The husband
Reading:  Portrait of a Lover, Julianne MacLean

Note to self - it is helpful when writing to make sure the scene includes a goal and perhaps some conflict.  Something that was missing yesterday.  Still not sure it is quite right but at least it is a bit better. 

It is a glorious fall day here.  The husband is doing a "late" day today so we walked the dog together this morning.  Most of the reds are gone off the trees but there are still lots of orangey and rust coloured leaves.  Add in a flawless blue sky and it is quite nice.

Now back to the WIP.  It has been tough getting back in the groove, and Chapter four is usually one that is a bit more difficult.  I am confident I'll hit my stride soon and it will move a little smoother.

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  1. Loved the "note to self" :D

    Good luck with chapter 4