Monday, October 26, 2009

Mess in Progress (and that's okay)

Working on: Doorstep Baby
Listening to: Hmmm gotta decide what cd to put in!
Reading: Secret Sheikh, Secret Baby - Carol Marinelli

I read a lot this weekend. End of the week I finished off Dreams of the Oasis IV from Ellora's Cave, which was okay but the problem lay with me and simply that some of the content was not my thing (and that had nothing to do with sensuality and more to do with story type).  Then it was on to finish Falling For Gracie by Susan Mallery.  Can you believe this was my first book of Mallery's?  I wish I hadn't taken so long; it was so enjoyable, the best book I've read in a long time.  Her construction was so solid, so well balanced between character and plot, quirky and yet emotional...just wow.  I definitely had some "Can I be her when I grow up?" moments.  And finished it with a happy sigh.

Then yesterday I read His Baby Bombshell by Jessica Matthews and I know now why those that read Harlequin Medicals are so supportive of them.  To me it read very much like a Romance but with a medical backdrop that I truly enjoyed.  I find medicine very interesting so it made for a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

So today I'm back to working on the mess in progress.  I call it a mess because it isn't coming out all pretty and easy, and I'm having to tweak and adjust and especially layer as I fight for words.  I refuse to let this stress me.  1) I always somehow manage to make it to the end and 2) usually it frees up at some point and some of it comes a little easier.  Most importantly is giving myself permission to write a mess for the first draft.  That's what they are for.  So many times I don't understand why things are not flowing right until I move forward, and can look back at it and see where I've gone wrong.  And sometimes it's not even wrong, it's just missing an element and once I know it I can fix it and it all comes right.

So, it's a mess in progress and that's okay.  The important thing is to keep moving forward, and craft it into a much better story as I go.

Oh and I think I need to stop knitting so much.  My left hand is starting to feel a little RSI-ish.

UPDATE:  Very very close to 2k today.  Huzzah!


  1. Michelle Styles said the same thing recently. I *love* "Mess In Progress" it's my new mantra as well. But as you say it's okay. You (we) will overcome; and it will be a great book. Take care. Caroline x

  2. Good luck with the mess in progress.

    I think RSI is a cosmic joke on all of us for doing too much of what we love... I'm not laughing... :D