Monday, October 19, 2009

Lazy Weekend

Working on:  Doorstep Baby
Reading:  Portrait of a Lover, Julianne MacLean
Listening to:  new Michael Buble

Michael Buble is the perfect antidote for a drizzly Monday morning.  PERFECT.  He needs to do a Bond video for Cry Me A River. 

I'm also back to work on Doorstep Baby as my deadline is in six weeks and things are quiet around here again.  I'm working on Mr. Darceee to avoid certain distractions and breaking up the day into sections.  I do better when I am uber-organized so hopefully this means a really productive week.

I had a lazy weekend.  Saturday especially, we left the breakfast dishes on the table and the four of us curled up and watched The Incredible Hulk together.  All I can say is yum for Ed Norton.  Or perhaps Mmmm.  We did enjoy it.  Around 2 p.m. I finally changed out of my sleep pants and we ran some errands.  Came home and had hot turkey sandwiches for supper. 

Sunday the house demanded to be cleaned, so we got up around 9 and got started.  Finished by 12:30, hooray.  So then I made turkey soup and buns for supper and splurged and baked peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  It's a recipe from childhood and I've been craving them lately.  I had some with my tea last night and that will have to do me.  The rest I'll save for after school snacks for the muchkins.  Did some knitting and laundry and began watching the Hornblower series with the girls.  They are getting to a great age - they love it.  Quite taken with Horatio, actually.

Now I'm off.  Before I go - catch up with an account of the AMBA lunch in London at the Harlequin Romance Author Blog, and be sure to catch Michelle's PHS post today for Male on Monday.  And watch the ad.  Oh MY.  Very nice.

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