Thursday, October 22, 2009


Working on:  Doorstep Baby
Listening to:  Kids home from school - until Monday
Reading:  Falling For Gracie - Susan Mallery

I finished Portrait of a Lover - and blogged it at eharlequin.  It wasn't my fave of Julianne's, but I still enjoyed it a lot.  She sets such a high standard that I'm not sure I could NOT enjoy her books.

Anyway I have been pondering and pecking away at the WIP and feeling awful for not having more words done etc.  Now, just as I have to move on for the day and do Mom and wife things, it started to open up.  I changed POV and finally it felt like I was covering new ground.  Anyway I added 2300 to the word count meter today - which is a horrid amount for 3 days work, but some weeks are like that.  Some chapters are like that.  At least I'm leaving it in a good place for tomorrow, I think.  And I'm a third of the way there.  There is still a week left in October, after which I am hoping to be at the half-way mark.  As things speed up towards the end, I am still in good shape I think.

I do suspect I have a lot of story to fit into 50 k though. 

I also signed my name on the dotted line re: Sold to the Highest Bidder, so now it's official.  Can't wait to see where I end up on next year's schedule.

And I'm curious about revisions and edits as well - first time with my new editor there so it should be fun.

Okay - so dishes to do - dinner to make - kids to deliver to badminton/drama and the dh and I are grocery shopping while they are there.  What a glam life!

Before I go - bon voyage to my CP Michelle Styles who is off to Istanbul tomorrow for a short vacation.  Safe travel and have fun!

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