Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Final Tally

The final canasta tally is Boys 14 Girls 7.  Not a great showing by the estrogen brigade, but we sure had fun anyway.  Company is still here until Thursday, but the dh had to fly out for business this morning and won't be back until Friday, so we're missing our fourth.  Perhaps it will become three-handed cribbage and I might yet redeem myself. 

Last week was a crazy week, and hopefully I'll be back later with some pictures.  We went to Musquodoboit Harbour and Martinique Beach, Lawrencetown Beach and Eastern Passage one day.  Another day we went downtown and did the Harbour Hopper tour of Halifax - great fun - as well as a tour of the Alexander Keith's Brewery.  Also great fun that included...no surprise...beer.  Last Friday we went to Uniacke Estate Park where I got to go through the house again - I enjoyed it just as much the second time.  Saturday was Thanksgiving Day baking and then drinks at a friend's house.  Sunday we all piled in the truck and drove to Moncton area for Thanksgiving dinner with the dh's family - 22 of us in all, and then the 3 hour drive back.  And yesterday we wrapped up the long weekend with a trip to Lunenburg, lunch, and the Fisheries Museum which was much better than I expected.  In my travels I also managed a fair bit of Christmas shopping, which is good news as I am taking all the family prezzies up to my mum's in early November.

I did get my hardbacks for One Dance With The Cowboy - and yet a different cover - so I'm going to scan that one of these days and show that to you too.

And I heard from my editor, who was very pleased with my first three chapters of the new book, so I'll be diving back into that shortly and putting it together.  It's due end of November so no time to waste.

And now - I'm off to have a coffee as I've yet to have one today.


  1. Great news that your editor liked your first three chapters! I'm looking forward to seeing those covers too :)

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend and great news on the chapters, Donna. Can't wait to see the covers!