Friday, October 16, 2009

Brrr - and catching up

It is COLD here this morning.  My dahlias are black since the frost yesterday took them out - I'll have to dig up the bulbs soon and put them up for the winter.  My planters also got hit big time so they've been composted.  But the lovely mums I bought are still standing guard at my front door.  :-) 

I'm over at eharlequin today at the Harlequin Romance Author Group Blog talking about risk taking in my writing and what traps I have to avoid.  There's a book up for grabs if you head on over and leave a comment.

As for me, I'm working on the minor revisions my editor sent on my partial, taking the dog to the groomers, being home for the service man to come inspect my boiler, and making a turkey dinner for my husband for when he returns from his trip.  So nothing much.

I did manage to finish book 60 for the year yesterday and here's the review I posted on eharlequin:

Labor Day - Joyce Maynard

I got this book in DC and grabbed it last week to read. It's not a long or hard read, and it's compelling, though very different from my usual fare. I read recently that the movie rights have been picked up and so had that in mind when I was reading. It could be an interesting adaptation.

There were a few niggling points. One being that no dialogue is ever placed in quotation marks. I kind of get the effect the author was going for, but I'm not sure it was necessary or that having it another way wouldn't have worked. I for one would not have felt distanced from Henry simply because of a little bit of punctuation. In fact, I think I would have been more engaged. Quotation marks let me know someone is speaking, whereas in several places it was related as dialogue but in conversational style. That punctuation clue can suck me into the scene even more deeply, as I can see and hear the scene rather than being a third party to it. So with me - the lack of it actually had the opposite effect than what I suspect the author was aiming for.

The other thing that pulled me out was Frank's sexual prowess only short days after having an appendectomy and then injuring himself escaping (no spoilers there, you find that out right away). I've had minor abdominal surgery. On day three or four, I was still sore enough to be cautious getting up and down not to mention sexual gymnastics.

But otherwise - quite compelling and thought provoking and an enjoyable read.

I also finished watching The Governess last night which was good but had potential to be more, I thought.  Tom Wilkinson was quite sexy actually and Minnie Driver is always wonderful.  But there were places it just stopped short of being great.

I also watched The Virgin Queen over the last month (but didn't blog it) which I really liked.  Tom Hardy normally doesn't do it for me but he surely did in his role of Dudley.  If you know many English actors at all you'll recognize a lot of faces in this 2 parter.  It was good, but I've seen a lot of productions about Elizabeth I and this is not my favourite.

Now I'm to be done!

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  1. I read Labor Day and I had the same kind of reaction you did. It was certainly compelling, but when I finished it I couldn't really decide if I liked it or not.