Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Today marks 14 years of marriage for us.

Unfortunately, we are at opposite sides of the country and the dh says he thinks it is the first time we have been apart on our anniversary.  I think he must be right. 

However, our guests took us out for dinner last Friday to celebrate as we knew the dh would be out of town.  And last week he also popped in to a shop while we were downtown and bought me a beautiful necklace with my birthstone.  I don't generally like peridot but this really was cute and I think it's the setting that makes it.  I looked for a website so I could find a pic, but unfortunately the store doesn't have one.

Which brings me to a slight rant - why DON'T businesses in this day and age have a site?  It doesn't have to be elaborate either. But the number one place I go to research something is online.  If you don't have a site, and I can't google information, chances are you're missing out on my business because I'll find your competitor and go there.  I know first hand it does not have to cost a lot to maintain a web presence.  I can't imagine that I'm the only one that checks businesses out online before going shopping.  Especially specialty places.

Also the bad thing about going to someone else's house for Thanksgiving is the lack of leftovers.  The dh wanted a hot turkey sandwich something awful on Monday and do you think we could find one when we were out for lunch?  Nope.  He was very out of sorts about it all.  But good news.  I bought a turkey today and am going to cook it this Friday. 

Anyway  back to the biz at hand - happy anniversary sweetheart - and we'll celebrate on the weekend when you're home.  There's a hot turkey sandwich with your name on it.


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both!

  2. Happy anniversary to you both!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!