Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Working on: current Romance
Listening to: Theory of a Deadman - Wait for Me
Reading: Between the Italian's Sheets - Natalie Anderson

I'm working on the new book today, hooray! A fresh new page. And a new word count meter to get going. I heard the new Theory of a Deadman song on sat radio this weekend, and so a puretracks download was necessary. Now I have a mixed CD in my player, a kind of soundtrack for this book. It's so cool how I can mix rock power ballads with Beethoven and some Dido. LOL.

One thing I love is learning about foreign translations. After a few months of having very little released, this month Hired: The Italian's Bride is out in Spain.

Next month it's out in Italy - cool beans! I love this cover...and I knew I'd seen it before. Lo and behold it's my buddy Trish Wylie's cover for her July book, His LA Cinderella.

Now I have to get to it...


  1. Donna, it's so exciting to watch (read about) your writing process. I can sense that you have reached that defining moment in the year when routines become more settled, and you are joyfully back to your writing schedule. Go for it!

    I do have a question for you. And I know that you have a contract for multiple novels (congrats on that!) which must have a bearing on this, but ... you are starting on word counts for more than one at a time. How do you decide which manuscript to work with on any given day?

    I ask this becauseI have several projects on the go (alas, no contracts to motivate me!) but I find it somewhat distracting, tho exciting at the same time, to know that there is more than one story waiting for me to finish, revise, or refine. Sometimes it's like being at one of those English crossroads with signposts pointing in eight different directions. How do you stay focussed? I guess that's question #2.

    Thanks so much for any insight you can give me into your approach.

    P.S. I don't mean this to be a frightful interruption to your work, but I'm interested in hearing your thoughts, however short you wish to make them. Thx.

  2. Hazel - one of my books has now been taken off my word count meter - it was a partial that was R'd that I might pick up again later and revisit, but for now it's being shelved.

    Sold To The Highest Bidder is done, and in the next few months I may have news of a home for it. So that's been taken off.

    That leaves me with two projects. Normally I focus on one project at a time, but I want to try my hand at a single title length. I know I'll never have a big enough block of time to do it all at once, so one of my word count meters is for my new Romance project, and once I make my word count for the day on that, I'm trying to add to my word count on the ST. Today I added 560 to it after writing just over 2k on my Romance.

    As far as staying focused - well that's a work in progress. LOL

  3. Same cover? Does this happen often in foreign titles? Do any of the Romance authors ever have a "I had it first" contest?

    And I agree with Hazel. I enjoy reading your blog about your life and your writing. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for giving us this extra peek into your writing plans.

    It was exciting news when you mentioned in an earlier blog that you wanted to try a single title.

    Bravo for giving some time to the ST as a reward for writing your quota on the Romance. Focus, discipline -- I think you have them in spades!

    By the way, I'm so impressed with the foreign editions.

  5. LOL Marcie! I don't think we've ever had that contest, but we've had lots of laughs over it. I think my first Italian translation had Jennie Adams' cover for To Love and To Cherish. It was so weird, because every time I saw it I saw her two characters and not my own!

    Hazel - my pleasure. Thanks for hanging out. ;-)