Thursday, September 17, 2009

Theme song

When I start a new book there are certain things I like to have. I like to have casting, or an initial visual reference. Less so for the heroine, actually. I think that's because I put myself so firmly in her shoes. But for the hero, I absolutely do. This is perhaps my favourite pic of my current hero, Wyatt Black.

The other thing is most of my books usually have a theme song or two. And this is harder, because it's not always readily apparent. I don't often know it's the right song until I hear it. But I don't worry about it, because at some point, it ALWAYS comes to me. And bingo! Today I found it. I shed tears...scenes started playing behind my eyes just like a movie. I love it when that happens. It also helped me solidify conflicts and themes....lovely. I can even take it and make it into a duet...which words fit which character.

Anyway I am sure another song or three will pop up over the next few weeks, but for now, have a listen and enjoy.

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