Thursday, September 03, 2009


Working on: Character sheets
Listening to: Harry Connick Jr. "30"
Reading:Pleasured in the Playboy's Penthouse - Natalie Anderson

I am much relieved today. While I was excited about a new contract, I also knew that my last was rejected and that the two proposals I sent weren't going to work either. It tends to make a girl a little gun shy. So this morning I talked to my editor and the good news is I now know what I'm writing next and when everything is due.

Over the weekend during the flurry of domesticity I came up with a concept and a couple of characters I hoped would fit the bill. My hero is a cowboy named Wyatt Black who has pulled himself up by his bootstraps and a hell of a hard worker. My heroine is Elli (Ellison) Marchuk, a divorcee who is housesitting for Wyatt's neighbours. I figured I might as well throw them into the middle of a problem - and so one crisp autumn morning, Wyatt discovers a baby on his doorstep.

After lovely editor and I talked backstory a little bit she was pretty keen on the idea, so I'm off to the races so to speak.

Most of all I'm just hugely relieved and happy to be working on something new.


  1. That's awesome, Donna.

    Good Luck!

  2. That's great Donna, congrats!

    I like your idea of collages. And a cowboy hero...well, it doesn't get any better than that ;)

    Your post about the new kid at the bus stop almost gave me tears in my eyes-my little guy is starting preschool next week. While I'm looking forward to actually having 2-1/2 hours to write everyday a part of me is sad :)


  3. Congrats Donna!

    I'm off to the races literally tomorrow lol!

  4. Great news, Donna. Delighted for you.

  5. Yay! Love cowboy stories!!