Saturday, September 19, 2009

Don't Tell My Husband!

I was very, very, VERY bad today.
You see, I can't say no to a good deal. And when the adverts came on Thursday, there were several good deals.

My husband is away for work this weekend so I took the girls and went running errands today. We have guests arriving on Tuesday, so I had a few things on my list I wanted to grab before then. Like the BOGO pillows at Zellers.

The pillows are not the issue.

It was the yarn that did me in.

You see, I have a garbage bag full of yarn already at home. It used to be two, so I must be getting better. There is a lovely old lady at my old church in Calgary who bestowed her yarn ends upon me. My husband gave me a dirty look and asked where I was going to put it. I was in heaven. I knit mittens and squares for blankets and tons of baby bootee and hat sets for coworkers of my husband. It's still not all gone, so I really shouldn't have to BUY any yarn.

But when it goes on sale...I'm done for. I knit and knit and knit and somehow just when I get the yarn in the house down to bits, off I go again. And it's not like I'm a superfast knitter. The yarn I bought today will last me WEEKS. But tell me. When cotton handicrafter yarn goes on for $1 a ball - when it's usually at least $1.70 - and they have all their christmas yarn as BOGO....

I may have been able to restrain myself with the holiday yarn. But those bernat people are SNEAKY. I looked and thought "yes, but what will I KNIT with it?" and lo and behold on the shelf were these paper pads with SAMPLE PATTERNS. Really cute ones.

Now I ask you - in the face of that, what was I supposed to do?

I suppose I should finish the mittens I have on my needles first though, right? and we're not going to talk about the cross stitch ornaments in my craft box...

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  1. What's a girl to do indeed! Hide them, hide them well ;) Somehow that garbage bag will just magically remain undiminished:D