Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Contest Winner and a new book!

Congratulations to Selina Williams, who has won the September contest!

For those who missed it, everyone who entered had to tell me their favourite holiday tradition. I had over 100 entries and I had so much fun reading them! I nodded my head with ones that we do the same, laughed over some, and got some fantastic ideas for new traditions, and even books from others. Thank you, thank you to everyone who entered. It was more fun than I expected - a lovely gift.

Selina's entry was one of those that made me laugh and with her permission, I'm going to share it with you today.

My favorite tradition would have to be the adding of an additional ornament. My husband and I add one new ornament each year to signify a special event for us that year. For example, an Atlanta Braves (hubby's favorite team) ornament was added when they won the World Series that year. Each ornament is dated and decorating the tree is such a fun stroll down memory lane for us.

I must mention, one year in the early 80's was particularly uneventful...with the exception of one bone-headed stunt I pulled. Being from the north, but living in the south at the time, I was unfamiliar with natural gas heaters. They are almost like small space heaters in each room with a gas line running to each. There are ceramic grates in the front with flames shooting up behind them. I had never seen open flames like this in home before except in a fireplace. My husband explained, "The trick is to back your rear end up to the unit and lift your shirt or nightgown outward to allow the heat to flow up your clothing and get you all toasty." It worked and I actually began to enjoy this little ritual we had. However, one very cold night, I backed too close and wasn't paying any attention. Next thing I knew my husband grabbed a nearby blanket and threw it over me and rolled me on the floor. Yes, I'd lit myself on fire and didn't even know it. It completely took out the back of my gown and singed the entire top layer of my hair in the back. Fortunately, I wasn't burned at all.

About a month later, I was at a loss for a new yearly ornament. One evening my hubby came home with the most adorable ornament of a little girl polar bear backing her little white fuzzy tail over a fire and there's a little spark starting to smoke on the tip, but she is smiling and unaware. I laughed my head off. Perfect!

Congratulations Selina! Your prize is going in the mail later this week.

October 1 also marks the day when the November books go on sale at the Mills and Boon site and Eharlequin - both in print and e-book. That means you can order them - or download them - now. Today. And Montana, Mistletoe, Marriage is there for the reading. Click on the M&B widget and you can get a sneak peek.

When I look outside, the colourful leaves and green grass make Christmas feel a long way away, but the cool nights and shorter days kind of get me into the right frame of mind, you know?

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  1. Congrats Selina!

    I envy you your cooler nights and shorter days Donna! It just keeps getting hotter here.