Sunday, September 27, 2009

Carrying on...

Boys -6 Girls -1

We finally won a game on Friday night, after a number of tight scores but somehow with us on the bottom. Last night we played with neighbours as well so it meant three pairs and three decks of cards. Crazy. Our team won that one too, but most of all we had so much fun I think we kept the kids awake.

It's been a crazy weekend - Friday we went to the Annapolis Valley. It was rainy and cold so we didn't pick apples, we ended up buying at a market. Along with cranberries and some other goodies. We went to two wineries, one cheese farm (yum) and walked the beach at Scots Bay.

Then yesterday we went to Peggy's Cove and Mahone Bay. The weather was stunning. Simply gorgeous. We stopped for dinner on the way home and shortly after getting back our neighbours came over.

Today is low-key - I think we're going to church this morning, kids are doing homework this afternoon and dinner is courtesy of "Grandma" as we've all requested she make her stuffed pork chops.

I will be working more this coming week, as I think our guests are slipping off for a few days to do some real touring. I think the idea is for them to be back on the weekend so we can do stuff together.

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  1. Yeah!

    Insert my share of the noise to keep children awake here ;)