Monday, September 14, 2009

Book blogs like crazy

Working on : Chapter 2 of Cowboy's Doorstep Baby
Listening to: Haydn - String Quartet in B flat
Reading: The Inn At Eagle Point

It was quite an eventful weekend. My husband got home on Saturday morning and went to bed for a few hours - not much sleep on the red-eye. We got up in the afternoon, dropped one kid off for a play date and then went to get groceries. Picked up kid and put stuff away and at this point I was still fighting the headache. Yuck. Anyway the evening was fairly quiet with the girls and I watching more Pride and Prejudice. We're almost done now. We're debating if Mr. Darcy ever smiles or simply appears to or does but only in an almost sort of way. We are all agreed however that he smiles with his EYES.

Sunday morning was housecleaning. Then in the afternoon i had my local RWA chapter meeting. Deb Hale gave a workshop on Chunk Plotting but what was really about structure. It was excellent - comparing her Chunk Plotting technique to Vogler's Writer's Journey and also to the Three Act Structure. Lots of us had great "aha!" moments and my personal fave was the three act. It gave me a lot of clarity.

Then it was home for supper - a neighbour was over for that - and then my mum and step-dad stopped in for the night on their way home from a trip to Cape Breton. Never a dull moment.

I did want to catch up on some book blogs though. I'm simply going to cut and paste my reviews from eharlequin as I blogged them there first for the challenge. I am happy to report I've surpassed last year's reading - I am currently standing at 58 read to last year's 56.

Pleasured At the Playboy's Penthouse - Natalie Anderson

At the red hot millionaire's mercy!

Bella has always felt like the ugly duckling in her family, but after one night wiht super-sexy Owen Hughes she feels like a beautiful swan. Until she realises Owen isn't the ordinary guy she thought...

But Owen won't let Bella shrink back into her shell. Two weeks of pleasure in his penthouse and he'll have her begging for more...

Super sassy, sexy and satisfying, Natalie's got a real strength for cinderella type ordinary girl stories. I loved Bella's independence and how she finally discovered what she really wanted - and how Owen's support gave her the strength to try!

Between The Italian's Sheets - Natalie Anderson

Scorching Nights in the Italian's Bed

Infamous Italian Luca Bianchi has sworn off women and is dedicated to his million-dollar business. Yet Emily Dodds' unadorned beauty and closeted lifestyle are tempting him...Luca's body has woken, and it's taunting him to show her a good time!

Emily's always had to be Miss Sensible. With Luca, Miss Sassy wants to come out to play - and for once she's going to let her! Exquisite nights between his sheets are all Luca can offer. But now Emily's tasted such sweetness - how can more be forbidden?

Another one of Natalie's plain Jane heroines, and one who has so much to give. Luca keeps her at arm's length for much of the story, but when the dam finally breaks things get emotional pretty fast. A beautiful ending for a very hot read!

A Swiftly Tilting Planet - Madeleine L'Engle

Third in the "Time" quintet, so far this is our favourite. We couldn't wait to read more each night. I am constantly in awe of L'Engle, and the way she blends science and religion and myth. The mythical story element in this one was what really made it special for us. And how it all tied in together...just very cool.

This is book 57 for me for the year, which is one more than I read all of last year. I probably won't make my goal of 100, but at least I have read more than previously.

38 Most Common Fiction Writing Mistakes by Jack Bickham

Trish Wylie did a series on this book during National Conference this summer, and my critique partner Michelle Styles also read it and so it came in my last amazon order.

There is a lot of good information in this book, and a certain number of things I notice I do. In fact, reading one point (Don't Warm Up Your Engines) made me realize I'd started my book in the wrong spot and I went back and cut the opening of chapter one. There are also things that I know I DON'T do which is heartening. LOL.

I'm probably going to do a couple of blogs about some of the points. There were a few things that I am cautious about, things that if a newbie were to read them they could misconstrue the points and commit further mistakes.

But it is a good little book and worth the read.


  1. Hi Donna. Thanks for the reviews. They were excellent - look forward to reading them soon. Will also be looking forward to your insightful advice on anything relating to crafting a good story! (Especially if it is before the HM&B deadline for their latest writing competition - hint hint! LOL - only joking - I know you have a book to write!) Take care. Caroline x

  2. Oooh, I need to check out that Jack Bickham bone for sure!