Monday, August 31, 2009

My House is Clean

There is nothing like a dearth of story ideas to get one's house clean.

I'm in the position of having to come up with some ideas for my editor, and at the beginning of the weekend my brain just HURT. I was trying to assimilate some things and then come up with a high concept and NOTHING was gelling. At one point, I thought, "I've got to stop thinking about work." I have learned from experience that sometimes when you're looking for answers, the best thing to do is STOP looking and do something else. I can't tell you how many times a story problem has been resolved during a jacuzzi bath or watching a movie.

So I stopped thinking, and I got up Saturday and launched into housework. I know. Extreme measures, but there you go.

So, over the course of Saturday and Sunday I got:

The house clean

3 loads of laundry done

Made homemade lasagna for supper

Mended 2 shirts, one pair of sleep pants, one pair of yoga pants, and hemmed 2 pairs of pyjama pants

Cleaned out the drawers in the kitchen desk

Made apple crumble

Finished a knitting project

Read Fiona Harper's Blind-Date Baby (fabulous book, loved it and reached for the tissues while feeling completely inadequate as a writer)

And I have a couple of story ideas that might fly, once I talk to my editor.

Oh well, if nothing else, I'm in good shape on the domestic front.


  1. House cleaning is another word for "brainstorming" IMO. I always get good ideas for book plots either doing the housework or walking the dogs. It's cathartic I think. Good luck with the idea's. Take care. Caroline x

  2. I know what you mean about that. For me, a clean house literally means a less cluttered mind.
    Hope your ideas start flowing.


  3. That's wonderful you accomplished so much and took a break from writing. Sounds like it was productive and now you can write.

  4. Oh yes. I forgot about cleaning the master bedroom closet. Did that too.