Thursday, August 27, 2009

Music and dogs

Working on: Jewell
Reading: Too Good To Be True - Kristan Higgins. Am snatching moments to read a few chapters here and there, sigh!

Today I'm over at The Pink Heart Society talking about soundtracks and memory. Come on over!

And we are back from the vet. Poor puplet had to go in first thing for a urinalysis and lo and behold she has a slight UTI. So antibiotics for that. Then the vet told me (and I suspected) that her incontinence issue had to do with hormones as it is very common, esp in breeding dogs. So she's on the doggie equivalent of HRT. An easy fix, once the UTI is cleared up. Most of all she's enjoying getting her pills in peanut butter. She LOVES peanut butter.

She really is a good girl, and within 2 weeks she'll be down to 1 pill a week. No sweat.

Otherwise I'm working away, unfortunately I have to delete most of what I wrote yesterday as I started the scene in the wrong place.

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  1. One of my fur children had that problem. It's always hard when they get sick. Hope your furry baby feels better soon too!