Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's going in today...

Working on: Polishing pass for Sold
Listening to: some disaster show on Discovery in the next room
Reading: Jodi Picoult, The Pact

Last night, I began watching The #1 Ladies' Detective Agency. The opener was 2 hours but the rest of the episodes are an hour. I really enjoyed it, so will probably watch another few episodes tonight. My tv watching of late has been a lot of HBO and other series I can watch on demand. I tried Nurse Jackie (I wanted to see Peter Facinelli to be honest) but I couldn't get into it. It was hard to relate to a heroine who was probably a good person etc. but was screwing around and doing drugs while working as a head nurse, having a couple of kids and a husband who for all intents and purposes treated her well. I know that character development probably has a deeper purpose, but for me, that's not a sympathetic heroine. So I stopped watching. There's flawed and then there's...messed up.

I AM however adoring True Blood and the dh and I have finished Season 1 and are up to episode 4 of Season 2.

Today my friend is helping me celebrate my birthday a day early and bringing over dinner for me and the girls - the dh and her dh are out sailing together until tomorrow. It means anything I'm going to do has to be done before 6 p.m.

And most of all, I have made the girls a deal. This book WILL go in to my agent today. And that means tomorrow we are going to head out for a few hours to Mount Uniacke Estate to explore the house and grounds.

It's not getting done on its own - so off I go.

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  1. Anonymous8:20 a.m.

    Happy Birthday Donna!

    Michele Payne