Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nationals Top Ten List

Lynn Rae Harris posted her top 10 conference moments and I thought how great! There is so much to talk about that a list of 10 is perfect. So here we go....

1) The Harlequin Party. Stuff of legend. The field seems to be polarized on the "hot or not" of the DJ. I was firmly on the HOT side. I seriously partied like a 20 yr old and woke up feeling 40 (or older!) as I might have mentioned before. And at one point, Nora was dancing a few feet away. LOL. I don't think I'll listen to BEP's "Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night" again without thinking of this party...

2) Meeting authors...and more authors....and more authors - so many I daren't list them as I know I will forget someone. A special mention to the Three Twins (See post by Holly Jacobs) and some relaxing time with my sisters, and to Jennie Lucas who made me laugh my butt off.

3) Meeting READERS - a few from eharl (sending out a big wave!) and perhaps a bigger wave to those perfect strangers. One sticks in my mind - a lovely woman who stopped by my table and simply gushed. Wow.

4) Being in the line to register for an appointment and having 2 of the NY editors recognize me and introduce themselves. I was completely shocked.

5) Fiona Harper. Fiona and I met up on the first night as planned and from that moment on, I had a buddy for everything. I never had to eat a meal alone, we caught up on what we'd been doing, and on the Sunday we did some sightseeing together. Fi is a HOOT and I had such a good time with her. We're hoping to hit the Big Apple in 2011 if things go right.

6) Fan moments - of my own. It was a thrill to shake hands with people like Eloisa James and Lori Foster; to say hello to Suzanne Brockmann and at one luncheon I was seated next to Debbie Macomber's friend/assistant who gave me many surreal moments throughout that hour or so.

7) Sightseeing with Mills and Boon peeps - including the Smithsonian on Wednesday (and a special wave to MaryLou, our "pro" representative that I enjoyed meeting very much) and the Romance author trip to the Washington Post on Thursday. The Post was wayyyy cool. So was the Hope Diamond.

8) Holly Jacobs' "Hollyworld" speech - which is basically that there are 2 kinds of people in the world - those that know you and love you, and those that don't know you but will love you. It set the tone for my whole experience. I figured no one could hate me if I simply smiled and introduced myself. And if someone DOES hate me when I smile and shake their hand, I don't want to know them anyway.

9) Sitting in the VIP seating for the RITAs with Kate Walker - even if I was a fill-in for the lovely Jessica Hart. It was great fun.

10) Taking an extra day or so and being nothing but a tourist. Washington is a beautiful, beautiful city and I only had time to scrape the surface. I would LOVE to go back with the family and spend time simply exploring. I'll be doing a blog post on the tourist part on my "home" blog really soon - as soon as I organize my pictures.

So there you have it. A great, fantastic week. But it is also wonderful to be home. I was very ready to hug my kids and hear about their week, and get home to the bestest husband in the world. :-)


  1. Donna,

    Meeting up with your and our other twin...that's one of my big conference highlights! And one of the funniest moments was our squeal on the elevator and the guy who said, "Triplets?" and we both said, "No, twins," in unison!!

    Seriously, meeting you in person only reaffirmed that how lucky I was to get to know you here online! You definitely have a lifetime pass to Hollyworld!


  2. So glad you're home safe and sound! And it sounds like you guys definitely had a blast! It was very, very quiet in the blogosphere while you were all gone. :p

  3. I'm now seriously sorry I missed the party. And does anyone have pictures of this DJ?

  4. Well I'm having a thrill living vicariously through you now :) Just imagine all of the readers who couldn't make it but would love to gush all over you or stare speechlessly at you and creep you out :)

  5. Donna, sounds like you had a seriously good conference experience! Are you looking forward to Nashville next year? (You have a year to recover!!)