Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DC Part 2

So here we are at Thursday. Thursday morning brought breakfast with the "newbie loop" gang. We headed across the street and had a grand old time. After breakfast, I went to the opening session with Janet Evanovich in the ballroom. It took on the form of a Q&A and she had the crowd laughing. It was also interesting to note that Janet, like so many of us, was a stay at home mom. She made light of the fact that she was never any good at the various jobs she held either. Well, she's damn good at the one she's got now, so I'd say she's found her niche. :-)

There is a break in Thursday that I don't quite remember what I did, between Evanovich and the luncheon. I suspect I may have been in my room on Mr. Darceee, updating the Pink Heart Society and/or sending e-mail to my husband and kids. Workshops didn't start until Thursday afternoon. At noon, Fiona and I went to the luncheon with Keynote Speaker Linda Howard.

Linda Howard could do stand up. Deep southern drawl, deadpan expression....we were in stitches. The food was good too, at least I thought so. We started with a salad, followed by grilled chicken on pasta with a light marinara and lots of veggies. Dessert was a chocolate confection that was very yummy. :-) I sat beside a friend of Debbie Macomber. I might never have realized it but we chatted about the signing and I said the only thing I missed was trying to meet Debbie, but she was already gone by the time I got away from my table. When she said she was a friend I'm afraid I did a fangirly gush. But she was lovely, asked for my card, and had me sign a few books. It was a totally surreal moment for me, and I was so excited I called my husband on the cell phone. He answered with a "Why are you calling me, roaming charges are like a million dollars!" When I told him he laughed and understood and then said..."Ok, now hang up the phone!"

I never did meet Debbie, by the way.

In the afternoon I went to a workshop session, and then the Romance line authors met for a trip to the Washington Post.

First we went for iced coffee, then met up with Sharon Kendrick, Karin Stoeker, Lynn Raye Harris and Tessa Shapcott for a tour of the Post. It was so cool! We got to sit in on their story conference and see how the next day's paper would be laid out and what the top stories were. We even got to go "upstairs" and catch a glimpse of the executive offices....very nice. :-) Here's the group of us - from left to right, Lynn Rae Harris, me, Shirley Jump, Barb Wallace, Kim Young, Teresa Carpenter, Susan Meier and Fiona Harper.

And after that, Fiona and I met up with Kate Hewitt and we went to a local italian for dinner. Yum, yum, yum. I recommend the veal!

Nine p.m. found us attending the eharlequin Pyjama Party. I am NOT posting any pictures from that event. They are horrid. Trust me. It was fun to catch up with people and Elaine Knighton helped me boost my mojo for my agent appointment scheduled for Friday a.m. Unfortunately I was operating on one brain cell at this point, and it decided to leave the party at 10. I didn't leave until after 10:30. The end of that party is seriously a haze. I realized afterwards that I hit the "conference wall". I only wish I'd clued in earlier, and had disappeared for sleep.

Friday I had my agent appointment first thing in the morning. After that I went to a workshop by Suzanne Brockmann that was fantastic. And after that was the Awards Luncheon and a talk by Eloisa James. It was lovely, and inspiring, and highly emotional.

After that, I had intended on going to the Donald Maass workshop. I showed up early. Still, the only seat available was on the floor and I knew I couldn't take 2 hours of that. I had lined up an alternate as I KNEW his workshop would be full, so I went to "Do You Really Know What A Bigger Book Is?" The truly serendipitous thing happened after that. I met up with Tessa Radley in the lobby, which I wouldn't have done if I'd been in the Maass workshop. She introduced me to Jennifer Schober of Spencerhill Associates. Jenn and I had a quick coffee, and then ending up meeting up several times during the rest of the week. In the end, not going to Maass got me an agent I'm thrilled about!

Later in the afternoon, I revitalized with some time spent with my "twins", Kate Walker and Holly Jacobs. Holly and I met in the elevator once and shocked another occupant with the claim that we are twins. When we said we were meeting another twin, he said, "Oh, triplets!" and very quickly and in complete unison, we said "No, three twins!" I'm sure he thought we were on something at that point as we cracked up. But it was just what this tired soul needed. We found a corner upstairs and just VEGGED for an hour or so. And laughed. A lot.

Dinner Friday night was at a Thai place. Fiona and Shirley Jump of the Shoes (honestly - her shoes were the stuff of legend) were with me and we had yummy summer rolls and soup for dinner. And then it was off to prepare for the Harlequin Party....which I'll blog about tomorrow. :-)


  1. LOL, Donna! Love the pics!

    And too funny--shoes that are the stuff of legend!! :-) Thanks :-)

  2. Oh I love the background picture on Mr. Darceee very clever!

    Wow some fantastic timing there to bump into Tessa :) That was definitely meant to be! A HUGE congrats on the fabulous agent!

    Did someone say shoes? I love shoes. Hilariously actually since I own many that I can't wear (but they're pretty...) at least until I get my ankle fixed...wearing them will probably undo it all again but what can I say, it's an addiction!

    Are you sure you don't want to post those PJ pictures?