Saturday, July 11, 2009

DC Bound...

There is clean laundry and groceries galore for the husband, as tomorrow I leave him to his own devices and head to the RWA National Conference in Washington DC. First I'm driving to my mum's, and then Tuesday morning I hop on a flight (or two) and voila! Me in a brand new city, attending my very first RWA conference.

I'm excited, nervous, tired, name it. I've left blank spots in my calendar on purpose, but already I'm meeting an agent, my senior editor, several authors for drinks/lunch/breakfast; participating in the literacy booksigning on Wednesday night, attending a few get togethers put on by my publisher, as well as hitting the legendary Harlequin party. Saturday night is the RITA Awards, and while I'm not a finalist, Jessica Hart has asked if I'll be her stand in. I said yes because, well, I adore Jessica (not to mention her books). And because this might be the closest I ever get to VIP seating. My writing "Mum", Kate Walker, is sitting with me. When Jessica asked me, I thanked GOD I'd gone shopping and splurged on a new outfit... and we're NOT going to talk about the shoes crammed into my suitcase...

ANYWAY, this is my last blog post for a while, but I AM of course taking Mr. Darceee with me to Washington. I am not sure if I'm going to post here or not, but one place you'll be able to find me for SURE is on the Pink Heart Society blog as I'll be posting there throughout the trip.

Until then...adios!


  1. Sooo much fun! Will there be pictures of you in your new dress? I vote for pictures :) I'm excited and I'm not going lol! Next year it could be you that's RITAing I'm positive that's no where near the closest you'll be getting to VIP seating! I adore Jessica's books too! In fact I'd probably let her sit on me if she wanted to ;)

  2. Have a wonderful trip, Donna!

  3. Sounds like a jam packed RWA conference. Hope it's fun and productive. Have a great time.