Monday, July 06, 2009

Checking in...

I'm checking in since I haven't been here since Thursday. We have been having a blast with company. Saturday we drove to a very wet Peggy's Cove in the morning, stopped for a picnic in Mahone Bay along with a trip to Amos Pewter, and then on to Lunenburg for Whale Watching in the afternoon. The rain held off for us and the swells were small. We almost missed it though. Seriously it was almost a comedy of errors. First we changed our day due to the forecast (which we could have left, it's been nothing but overcast and showery no matter what the day). Then there was a screw up with the rental vehicle that had my blood pressure sky high. Finally, my husband took a wrong turn going to Lunenburg.

The one time we needed to actually be somewhere at a specific time.

The problem was with what he'd typed into the GPS, and the fact that I saw the sign with the arrow in the opposite direction was met with an order to be quiet. However when we hit another sign that said Welcome to Bridgewater he conceded I had been right. We made it by the skin of our teeth. The tour operator as a joke said she didn't have our party booked in. I must have looked like a crazy woman on the edge since she quickly admitted she was funning me.

No one got seasick. I love being on the water so it was great. And while the group before us only saw seals and puffins, we saw a pair of minke whales who were feeding and put on a nice show. The kids were leaning on the railings having a great time. When we finished, we had supper at a little hole in the wall diner. Yum.

Yesterday we went to Lawrencetown Beach and played in the surf before heading to Eastern Passage for lunch. Their fish and chips is lovely and my friend had a seafood linguine that she said was fantastic. Our rental car needed to go back last night so today we spent close to home - walking the neighbourhood, reading, and I made lasagna for supper.

My latest author alterations came last week as well, so I grabbed snatches of time to read through. I have finished and now have to type up my changes. So much for my determination to NOT work over vacation. It couldn't be helped.

We have a few more days with our friends here and then I have to get ready for Nationals. I am looking forward to it but any of you who are mums know how hard it is to go on a trip when you have to make sure everyone else is taken care of during your absence.

Before I know it it will be September and we will be wondering where the summer went..

Now I'm off for bed as tomorrow is another day....

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  1. I don't have a GPS. There's something about having no idea where you are on a map and completely flipping out before you rediscover your location that just makes me... INSANE! If you think it's not possible to really lose yourself (we're talking wondering if you've managed to drive off the map) take a roadtrip with me ;)