Wednesday, June 10, 2009

When it makes me laugh...

Working on: Chapter nine OLT
Listening to: The Most Relaxing Classical Album in the World Ever
Reading: The Guernsey book and LOVING it

I started the Guernsey book last night and I adore it already. Juliet is the kind of girl you'd like to go to the pub with, have one too many G&T's and then hope what you did afterwards didn't make the morning papers. I am looking forward to digging in further. Several times I sputtered out a laugh as I read.

This morning I went with the dh and MIL to the hospital to visit the FIL. One more test today and then hopefully everything is a go for tomorrow. Other than working a bit, I'm on food and bedding duty. :-) Oh and puppies. The MIL's yorkie has settled in completely and when the visit is over she will need to learn to walk again as my girls get a kick out of carrying her everywhere. I took her for a walk with Dreamer this morning and she met the neighbour Westie (named, appropriately, Fergus). She sniffed, gave a growl, and he laid his head on his paws and looked up at her with adoring eyes. It was a hoot. A while ago I had a dog on each side of my office chair keeping me company. The order of things was established immediately and now they are the best of friends. Dreamer was a mummy's girl last night though and was keeping very close for pats and rubs of reassurance that I hadn't become fickle.

I'm off to put some dough in the breadmaker for buns and then hopefully adding to word count the slightest bit.


  1. I adore the puppy pictures. Dreamer is so lovely.

  2. Can I have all three (yes I want the neighbor's too!). So so cute!