Monday, June 29, 2009

Vacation is for catching up...

Vacation is for catching up - on odd jobs, with friends, on reading....

I am almost done A Weaver Wedding - last night i managed two whole chapters. I haven't read in a week. Scandalous. But life got totally insane in preparation for vacation. Today is "officially" my first day off. We have company arriving tomorrow night for 10 days of fun (go away, rain!). Since Friday, I've been puttering at odd jobs around the house, reading through a few magazines, a critiquing commitment, as well as drafting my July newsletter and updating my website (not much news this month). And damn if it doesn't feel GOOD, getting that stuff out of the way.

The kids finished school an hour ago and came home with straight A's. They immediately asked for a grading present. The dh gave them a stick of gum and told them not to chew it all in one place. So funny! We said we are planning lots of fun while company is here, so job well done and suck it up. LOL.

This afternoon, I am going to work on touching up the woodwork in the foyer, kitchen, and the risers on the stairs (we have white risers and cherry hardwood treads). I only started in it November. I think it's about time.

After "vacation", I'm off to Nationals.

What are you doing for your vacation?


  1. Take me with you to nationals! I'm sure I'll fit in your suitcase!

  2. Have a great vacation! I'd like to go on a vacation this summer but husband isn't very receptive to the idea.

    Congrats on finishing two chapters!

  3. The highlight of the summer for me will be an extended weekend in mid-July at the Moose Jaw Festival of Words -- an annual event bringing together authors from across Canada to read from their work, participate in panel discussions, and interviews. It is a feast for book lovers and I try to get there every year.

    Otherwise, I will be home until the end of August looking after my garden, watching the purple martins raise their broods in my backyard, getting caught up with reading, and forging ahead with my various writing projects.

    Hope you have a super vacation, Donna.