Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tackling the To-Do List

Working on: Workshop prep for June 13, critiquing a chapter, and word count. Hah.
Listening to: I forgot to put on music. Will do that after walking pup.
Reading: What reading? (See blog title for today)

I am tackling the to-do list today. I crossed nine things off yesterday which wasn't too shabby. Was talking to CP this morning about working under pressure. Sometimes it works, sometimes it's too stressful. Hopefully I'm at the "productive but not insane" stage at the mo.

Today I have to make a quick trip to the PO to mail out my May prize winner and also dd1's hair as I haven't posted it yet for lack of a proper envelope. I also am putting together workshop notes as I'm doing a workshop during our chapter's day-long event a week from Saturday. I have most of my handout done and just needs copying. I have a chapter to critique for Michelle and then I have to hit word count.

Plus the MIL brought me some hostas and blazing stars that I didn't get planted yesterday, so this afternoon I must garden. The weatherman mentioned sun in the forecast but it hasn't put in an appearance yet.

Still, the more things I can get done, the better.

Now I'm off to get a bit more accomplished before going to walk puplet. :-)


  1. Busy busy like a busy little bee! Good to hear you haven't quite made it to the insane stage, I'm waiting for you there!

  2. Insane people get to wear their lipstick outside their natural lip line. Huge plus ;)