Friday, June 26, 2009

Pushing through

Working on - ending of OLT
Listening to - nada - at the height of concentration, I like silence
Reading - don't ask. What's reading?

Ok, so now that my WHINE of yesterday is over, today I am going to push through. Sometimes one just feels overwhelmed and this frequently happens when I get close to the end. Knowing there are things to be done before company arrives hasn't helped, and I don't know about you, but I don't work during vacation. That's why it's vacation. I've earned the time off, and I'm going to take it. If I have to turn myself inside out the week before, so be it, but when vacation starts...that's it.

Yesterday afternoon I couldn't imagine finding the time to go in the pool either, but after mowing grass for the better part of an hour and a half in the heat and humidity, it was sounding Pretty Darn Good. After supper we did hop in for about a half hour - and when I took the dog for her evening constitutional, my back felt so much better. Go pool!

Anyway I'm refreshed and ready to tackle it.

Also, I'm in blogland today, first at The Pink Heart Society with a Must Watch Friday post. Then I'm over at Romance Reviews Today's blog with a post that made me laugh when I re-read it in light of yesterday's slight panic.

Also - we have a winner for the Name The EEE contest!!!!!!!!!

The winner is Nina In Ohio - and her suggestion of Darceee! I do think that when you're that important, though, you should be called Mr. So my sleek, efficient, sexy eee will be known as Mr. Darceee!

Nina, drop me a line at so I know where to e-mail your gift certificate. :-)

Hopefully the next report will be of a huge jump in the word count meter.


  1. Nina in Ohio10:10 p.m.

    woo hoo! Thanks Donna - and congrats on getting the first draft done!

  2. YAY! And I'm watching Pride and Prejudice ;)