Monday, June 22, 2009

Name my an e-prize!

Ok, so I took my eee pc to the doc office today and got about 400 words done in the 20 min wait. AWESOME. But I was feeling a little disconnected from my new best friend - it occurred to me that he doesn't even have a name.

Yes, my eee is a boy. A man really, the best kind of man. He does what I want on command, he helps me work, he doesn't talk back, he's always ready. Oh baby. He's slim, sleek, and highly efficient. Need I say more? How can such a paragon remain nameless?

I have to admit the girls had fun trying - how about "Frankeee?" "Joe-eee?" So this is your chance. Drop me a line at with your name suggestion and the winning entry will win an amazon gift certificate delivered right to your inbox.

Have fun! I'm off to play eee.


  1. Nina in Ohio5:21 p.m.

    I've been wanting one of those - let me know how you like it! I've got a few suggestions:

    In homage to a couple of your Male on Mondays: Facinell-eee and Danc-eee.

    or a nod to Pride & Prejudice: Darceee.

    or since it's sleek, elegant & highly efficient - how about naming it after the quintessential Bond (James Bond) - Connereeee!

    ps just finished Hired - The Italian's Bride and loved it! Makes me want to go to Banff this summer!

  2. Aww. He's a cutie. Hope you both bond well.
    My only offering is Steeevieee.
    I do like the thought of managing 400 words here and there. Fantastic!

  3. "He's slim, sleek, and highly efficient."

    Ooooh, like a sexy Italian sports car.


    I love my eee, just wish I could get my DragonSpeak (named George) to work on Linux.


  4. Similar to Judy above, I came up with Steeeve.

    I love my Eee, too!