Monday, June 08, 2009

Little bits

Working on: critiquing and tidying chap 8 of OLT
Listening to: Paul Potts, and wondering what I've done with my Band of Brothers CD
Reading: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (here on out named Guernsey book)

It is Monday and time to launch back in to things. Michelle tells me gardens cannot be tamed but I beg to differ, at least until the next time it gets out of control. I spent most of yesterday afternoon outside working in the garden and then helping the dh put together our firepit. We are looking forward to friends visiting at the end of the month. As I put the grates in for the last step, I looked at the dh and said it was just asking for s'mores. Fingers crossed for good weather when they are here.

I finished reading Home Again by Jules Bennett as well - making it my 38th read of the year. I'm hoping to make 42 by the end of the month. To be on track with 100 for the year, it should be 50. But a lot of my reading has been single title length so I'm not too worried.

We do have a meeting later today, and the girls have their Girl Guide end of the year do, and the inlaws are arriving at suppertime. My FIL is having major surgery this week, and so my MIL will be staying with us until he is discharged from the hospital. She is bringing her very cute Yorkie so our puplet will have company. Also my sister in law will be here for part of that time. But they are easy company, and to be honest it feels good to be able to DO something as when we lived in Alberta we often felt helpless in these situations.

I have a chapter to crit for Michelle, and I need to get cracking on my own story. A few other work-type things have caused distraction but I really do need to focus.

Tomorrow, Hired: The Italian's Bride releases, so I'm going to be doing some posts about that, about writing the book, excerpts, that sort of thing. It should be fun! To kick things off, I'm over at the Harlequin Romance Author Blog today.

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  1. I don't suppose you want to take a crack at my garden?