Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Identities revealed - the models on my latest cover

Working on: Chapter 11 of OLT
Listening to: nada. Dh is working from home today and does not appreciate my writing music choices
Reading: A Weaver Wedding - reading time is practically nil this week, :-(

I heart google alerts. Sometimes the coolest things pop up in my inbox and today was one of those days.

One of the questions I get a lot is about book covers. I've had a few that I am "meh" about and a few I love, and Hired: The Italian's Bride is one that I am particularly fond of. I have to admit, in my head I had a picture of Luca and Mari in formal dress on a lovely staircase, but when I saw the cover I was pleased. Especially with Luca. I also loved the mountains in the background.

I've received e-mail asking if I knew who the hero was on the cover, and I have had to answer not a clue - until today. Did I mention I heart google alerts? His name is Robert Nuzzie and he's put the cover up on his blog today! Go on over and have a peek! He does lots of covers - I had fun scrolling through and seeing some of the latest ones he's been on and how his look changes for each one...

I also know who the heroine is - and while her hair is a bit lighter than in the book (which was more of a sable colour) her look works for this cover. Not sure if she has a blog or not, but you can see her profile HERE. Her name is Kyli Knaack and she contacted me some time ago on myspace - cool beans!

Oh and my blog is up at My Friend Amy - all about trading in my jeans and boots for heels and glamour!

In other news, I'm closing in on a decision for naming my eee pc. Some of the ideas have been so funny and inspired. Here are some favourites:

Darcee - need I say more?

In light of my PHS Male on Monday choices - Facinelleee and Danceee (snicker)

My CP suggested Jamieee for Jamie Bamber (man, I could have my hands on him every day)

There was also Manlee and Studlee (another snicker) and one of my Perfect Pitch finalists suggested 9-inch Hoteee (which might take a bit of explaining, hmmm)

Then there's Dobbeee (my own personal slave a la Harry Potter)

And this one made me chuckle: Fabeeeo

You guys were far more inspired than I was, because at first I was tempted to stick with Georgeee (George is so stable and reliable).

Now - decisions decisions!


  1. Mr. Nuzzie has quite the fine portfolio.


    Well, I had to go look, didn't I? It's all in the name of research...!


    ps. Knowing you, I don't know how you *couldn't* pick "Jamieee" for your new toy! ;)

  2. Re your models. How COMPLETELY cool is that! Mr N will have a whole new following thanks to this link. I'm in.

  3. Oh my gosh I love the eee names! How on Earth will you choose?!

  4. That is so, deeply, cool.