Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Love Summer

Today is overcast and we are expecting rain, but yesterday was lovely. It was foggy in the morning - frequently is here - and so we did some odd jobs and ran errands. I picked up a ring I'd had for repair at the jewellers, did my latest mail out, went to Walmart....we came home and had lunch and our next door neighbour stopped in for a few minutes. Then we dropped the girls off for an afternoon with a friend and the dh and I went to the local garden centre and loaded up the back of the truck with mulch.

The sun had come out and we spent the entire afternoon outside. I trimmed a couple of shrubs, then set to work weeding while he planted the new clematis plants along our backyard fence. Then he went behind me, adding mulch to the weeded beds. It took me until 4:15 to get it all done, and I left to go to our local fresh veggie/fruit market before picking up the kids.

We'd stopped in earlier in the day and they had tons of fresh stuff from the Annapolis Valley - much of it pesticide free. I had picked up asparagus, strawberries, and new potatoes, when I heard the words "peas". Sure enough, peas were coming in a few hours so we picked up fresh beans. When I went back, I got the peas, as well as a half-pint of light cream and a dozen bakery rolls - I'd been a little too busy to make bread and the bakery that sells their stuff there is outstanding.

When we got home, the dh had finished with the mulch and was mowing the grass. Our yard looks amazing, I think. Some of the shrubs are blossoming, the grass is thick and green, and the new mulch looks so clean and neat. The girls and I came inside and snapped beans, shelled peas, and scrubbed potatoes for "Hodge Podge". It is one of our favourite meals in the summer when fresh ingredients are available. My youngest made me laugh. She should do voice overs when she's grown. She was shelling peas and said "The best meals start with the freshest ingredients." What a character. After the vegetables are cooked, you put the cream on, along with butter and salt and pepper. The half pint of cream wasn't quite enough so I added some 1% milk. I don't need to have all cream, but to do it with all milk just doesn't taste as good. The rolls, by the way, were nearly as good as my grandmother's milk rolls. Delicious.

For dessert we had fresh strawberries with sugar and milk.

So - sun, gardening, fresh veggies. Then we had a swim in the pool...and our friends walked over for a drink and we sat out on the deck until after 10 p.m.

Yesterday was everything summer should be.

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  1. I'd be quite jealous if I were the type. It sounds so perfect.

    Have a great vacation!