Thursday, June 25, 2009

I knew it had to happen...

After 7500 words in three days, I hit a bit of a block. The words definitely came MUCH slower today- and I managed about 1000.

I will freely admit to feeling some pressure right now. The first draft NEEDS to be done tomorrow...otherwise this week's insanity will follow me through holidays, always lurking behind me, reminding me it isn't done but is SO CLOSE. I have to finish. We had a week of rain and today was sunny in the afternoon so by 3 p.m. I was out mowing... there is still dinner to cook and a floor that needs swiffering desperately...

The problem with writing as opposed to other day jobs (not all, but bear with me here) is that when I go on vacation or take time off for whatever reason, I can't hand off that week's work to someone else. No one covers my shifts for me. This isn't of course isolated to writing but I think you can see what I mean. It means 2 things. I either have to get ends tied up before I leave, or...and this is the yucky is all waiting for me when I get back. In this case, it's the better part of three weeks (because of National Conference) and I already had minimal working time when we had family etc. with us not long ago.

Anyway I have been attempting to simply accomplish one task at a time and check it off the list.


  1. Break it into small chunks and you'll get through it :o)

    With you on the deadlines. Three weeks until the kids break up, four weeks until we're on holiday and I want this book off my desk before then!

  2. Hugs, just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

  3. YOU CAN DO IT!!

    If not call me and we'll go and get electro-shock therapy together ;)