Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hired: The Italian's Bride review

Working on: OLT - I HOPE!
Listening to: Il Divo, the Promise
Reading: The Pact, Jodi Picoult

Oh, a good night's sleep. Bliss. Although the Northern Flicker jackhammering at the eavestrough outside our window at 5:30 was annoying. I shooed it twice. Just got back in bed and I heard this click, click, click. I wondered if one of the girls was up and trying to sneak into our room. I finally got up and stuck my head out my bedroom door and here was MIL's yorkie - Roxy - three steps from the top of the stairs. I laughed and tucked her into bed with the dh and me. She snuggled for a while and then went back downstairs around 6:30. What a character.

I was so tired last night the dh was playing with my hair while we were all watching tv and I nodded off. The phone rang and nearly gave me a heart attack!

Anyway it's a nice sunny day here so I am hoping to get some work done. I am dropping the MIL off at the hospital and then later this afternoon we are all going in to visit and then out to dinner.

There's a new review for Hired: The Italian's Bride as well. I have to say first though that my sister called last night and said it was her favourite yet. Anyway - Kay James over at Romance Reader at Heart has reviewed and given HIB four roses. She called it "True escapist romance, well-written and with wonderfully realistic characters, it is the perfect way to spend an idle afternoon."

She said some other nice things as well - you can see the whole review at their site.

Now - curse that Julie Cohen for starting this for her Girl On Mars release. I have done it now as well and knew the moment I saw the guns that they were my weapon of choice - I can't resist the leg holster (if you remember my Nate in Falling for Mr. Dark and Dangerous - he had a leg holster too).


  1. A few scattered thoughts for you, Donna. I love reading your blog, tho I don't always stop to comment.

    Don't know how you can work under the current conditions at your house right now, at least on new writing. More power to you if you can. You are the most awesome multi-tasker I have ever known.

    My lilac bush is blooming right now ... late cold spring on the prairies, tho real-l-ly hot this week ... it reminds me of your blog and website. Beautiful. I've always thought lilacs create a lovely (and romantic) atmosphere.

    Thanks for introducing me to Il Divo. When I first saw the name in your blog, I didn't know who you were talking about. Since then I listened to them all the way out to Alberta in May. Love their sound.

    All the best, and have a good summer, Donna.

  2. P.S. My copy of "Hired: The Italian's Bride" is winging its way to me from eHarl. Can hardly wait to read it. Congratulations on the review. I devoured every word and was so happy for you.

  3. Love your comic! I know Julie did it to me too but I couldn't get the page to work and then Liz got me! Unfortunately mine's gone MIA which is kind of scary, because where exactly has it gone? hmmm?

    Lol hope your heart's still wroking and not jumping :)