Friday, June 05, 2009


Working on: Chapter 8 of OLT
Listening to: washer's spin cycle
Reading: Love According to Lily, Julianne MacLean

It's Friday - banking day, grocery day, writing day. It's also lovely and sunny so I'm washing up the darks and hanging them out, and probably working in the yard later this afternoon.

Last night a friend and I went for dinner. We do this every few months and our husbands graciously offer to chauffeur so we can share a bottle of wine if we choose. Since her husband is away at the moment, mine pulled double duty, so we stayed close to home - we went to the pub at the local inn.

We commented during the meal that we have yet to be disappointed in any menu item during any visit. When we walked in, the manager took our drink orders and was friendliness personified. Our waitress was fantastic. I initially thought I'd order more of a pub-type meal, but the menu in the evening is a combination of the pub and dining room menus and the orange and ginger pork tenderloin was too tasty-looking to refuse. It was delicious, with rice and perfectly cooked, lightly gingered veggies on the side. We had started with bruschetta which was great and perfectly warm and not soggy on the bread as sometimes happens.

But by far the best for me was dessert. My friend didn't order any but I couldn't resist. Not when there was creme brulee to be had. Creme brulee can go either way IMO. I've had very bland, plain ones before and so I knew I was taking a chance. But oh my. The brown sugar crust was perfect and the custard beneath rich and creamy. LOVELY. Oh, and my friend did have a few bites.

So I had a great meal and lots and lots of laughs as usual.

Today the dh and I are meeting for lunch. I somehow think it will be much simpler than last night, but the company will be just as good.


  1. Oh-h-h.

    Creme brulee.

    You know I read menus backwards? (Just like a character you've read recently, ahem.) If creme brulee is on the menu, it's MINE. :o)

  2. I couldn't. The dessert menu was separate. I had no idea what pleasures awaited. I saw the CB and gave a happy sigh.

    I blamed my need for good food on the fact that I was researching menus yesterday and licking my lips ALL DAY LONG. Pear and lemon sorbet over goat cheese tart was on my mind for HOURS.

  3. I love the husband chauffeur concept! Almost like a girl's night out but with sexy men along ;)