Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Doggie Politics

Am having difficulty typing. Small doggie on lap, with paws and very cute chin resting on my wrist pad. Big doggie pretending we don't exist.

It all started like this: we went out this morning and I was afraid to give both dogs run of the house while I was at the hospital, so I kennelled Dreamer and left Roxy to her own devices. She's too short to even jump on the furniture - what harm can she do?

Came home to doggies very excited to see me, one in particular that forgave me for putting her in a crate while leaving Guest Doggie with run of the house.

However Roxy - that's Guest Doggie - decided Dreamer's mat by the window was THE place to be and claimed it - she only takes up about an eighth of the mat but Dreamer was quite put out. Stared at her for a while which had no effect. Slept on the floor. Then Roxy got up and Dreamer immediately reclaimed the mat.

Roxy then went and sniffed at the crate with the puffy blanket and decided that no, my lap would be a much better revenge. She came over, gave a bark, and presented me with her backside which is Roxy speak for "I'm ready to be picked up now."

I couldn't resist. I picked her up. She is now sleeping with her paws and head on my wrist pad and Dreamer is ignoring us very pointedly.

I'm enjoying myself immensely. Now if I could only reach my camera....


  1. One of my dogs likes to curl up on my lap while I'm on the computer. Which is okay until she decides to rest her head on the keyboard :-)

  2. LOL, Donna.

    There would be big sulks in this house, too :o)