Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Crossing the line...

Working on: finishing workshop prep, last teensy revision to HLC, and writing on OLT.
Listening to: Paul Potts. I need big sweeping music today.
Reading: Her Own Private Hero - Julianne MacLean

Ok, so the hopes that I would not cross the line into insanity were in vain. I think the breaking point came when the dh came home and pointed out things that were not done that I said would get done yesterday afternoon. Considering that lunch was a PB sandwich at my desk, it was not the right thing to say. The dig about time management (until I can manage to add an extra 3 hours to the day, don't talk to me about time management) clearly was not well thought out either.

But it all made sense later as I was going to pick up dd1 from her Girl Guide meeting. My remote starter kept clunking on the steering column. It was more than aggravating. It was either my head exploding, or me ripping the remote off the key ring in a fit of rage. Which was a pretty good indicator of PMS. As I told a friend...the dh should either stay away or call an exorcist.

I am, however, still behind on my list and still tired, though somewhat mellowed.

Part of the problem is that working from home has its advantages but it certainly has its disadvantages too. Working from home means that you don't go to an office off-site where home life no longer intrudes. Working from home means a work day that starts at 8:30 or 9, it includes the possibility of laundry, errands, or other housework that is essential (like swiffering the floors yesterday, dear GOD). Working from home means phone calls (could you follow up on this please dear?) and field trips and kids that are home at 2:30.

I write approximately four books a year (that's one every 12 weeks) while at the same time cooking, laundering, and cleaning up for four; gardening and some yard work (the dh and I share in this, and I should be fair and also say he pitches in with the weekly big clean by doing bathrooms, bless him), chauffering kids to and from activities and/or friend's houses, walking the dog, helping with homework, volunteering and secretary duties when it comes to any household calls that must be made such has appointments, hair cuts, or issues with the utility company. I am also our vacation planner, financial officer and Christmas shopper/wrapper for everyone except for what the dh and kids get me.

I know I'm among millions of women who do this every blessed day so in no way do I think I'm special. But lately, even going to the bathroom seems an inefficient use of my time.

I cannot imagine writing this much AND having a full time day job (and hats off to you writers who manage that, when do you sleep?). I feel run ragged as it is.

Wow. You know blogging might not be an efficient use of my time either...but the rant sure felt good.

Lacey, is my lipstick on right?

Catch you on the flip side, gang.


  1. Dear God, I totally relate to this post, and I'm nowhere near the level you are, Donna. Why does it seem like the six kid-free hours in the day whoosh by like some sort of out-of-control zephyr?

    It seems like I can barely get laundry done, breakfast eaten, kitchen tidied, dinner planned and prepped, and myself bathed and made somewhat presentable PLUS try to squeeze in blogging, brainstorming, book planning and (now!) edits...!

    And on top of that, I'm living in box hell, and my office looks like a stationery bomb has exploded in here -- stuff is everywhere as I try to figure out the most useful places to put things.

    I told the DH (!) last night -- it almost feels like I'm taking one step forward and two steps back.

    As a result, too, it is *really* not advisable to look closely at my floors or my bathroom. It's not pretty.

    (On the plus side, the kidlet is going to day camp this summer, so for July and August, she'll be gone from 8:30am to 4:30pm. We'll see if the extra two hours a day makes any difference at all!)

  2. Absolutely fabulous lipstick! Applying in a moving car gets you a great effect too :)

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if you just stopped cleaning anything? Just left the laundry, left the dishes, left everything? Tempting right? I think it would take on a life of its own! Piles of laundry would follow you around, the dishes would talk to you... Alternatively eat off of paper plates and buy new clothes. Throw them out! Just throw them out I say! ;)