Sunday, June 07, 2009

Book Blog and Reel Review

The next book to blog is Love According To Lily by Julianne MacLean.

I only have one more JM book on my shelf, and it's the third of the Mistress Diaries trilogy so I have three of hers on the wish list for my next book order (and then I will have all her books except her early HH's). I zoomed through this book pretty fast for me - reading the bulk of it on Friday night and staying up until midnight to do so.

There are moments in every Julianne book that just make me go "WOW" and this one was no exception. In this book, the sexual tension is so intense I was on the edge of my seat. He is so determined to think of Lily as a sister and when she kisses up his arm and he tells her she has to stop doing that, oh MY. Whitby is lovely. I had his disease figured out fairly quickly and so it was neat watching all that unfold. As well, I love it when secondary relationships hit me right in the heart, and Lily's longing for acceptance from her mother was heartbreaking. Insert many sniffs.

I will say that out of the 5 American Heiress books I've read, I've loved them all but my favourite has got to be Her Own Private Hero followed closely by Surrender to a Scoundrel.

And we watched Wall-E with the kids this weekend. I wasn't sure what to make of it when it started, but in the end it really makes a powerful statement about humanity and what we're doing to our planet and ourselves. Also the non-verbal communication and making robotic protagonists sympathetic is brilliant.

Off to take doggie for a swim at the lake.

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  1. I haven't seen Wall E I've never been able to make it out from its trailer either! Now I think I should give it a go lol!