Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Best Husband in the World

Working on: Chapter 10 of OLT
Listening to: nothing - dh is sleeping after flying the red eye
Reading: The Family He Wanted, Karen Sandler

I have the best husband in the world.

For a few months i have been drooling over Acer Aspires and Asus Eee PC's. Our old laptop is cracked and slow and with a battery life of approx 30 seconds, and I would love to be able to work on the deck, or on the move. We had thought I would buy myself one after royalties came through, but then I decided not to spend the money at the moment. I figured I'd take the old girl to DC with me for nationals so I could send e-mail at least to the husband, and to the kids at camp.

The last few weeks have been rough. Not necessarily for me - but for the family in general. My father in law had an aneurism repaired with open heart surgery - a four hour procedure that ended up much closer to eight (The discussion with the surgeon was very enlightening as to the tricky nature of the surgery). He and my mother in law arrived three days prior for his pre-op testing. The day before the operation, my sister in law arrived. The day of the surgery was one of the most stressful things I have been through. I couldn't focus, I read a book to keep my mind off things and carried the phone with me everywhere. More family arrived last weekend, and I taught a workshop as well as carting kids around. Still - easier for me than it was for my husband and his siblings and mum. I'm pleased to say the old guy's doing well and the mother in law is still here until he is discharged - hopefully in a few more days.

ANYWAY where this is all going is that my husband had to fly to Calgary yesterday for a meeting, and he flew back on the red eye rather than stay all night and fly home today (which is why he's sleeping now). He came in this morning, had some raisin bran and a chat with his mum and me, and then brought a box over and put it in my lap.

It was the eee pc.

Once I got my mouth closed again he told me it was as a thanks for all I'd done over the last few weeks and now I could take it to DC and be portable. No excuse for not e-mailing now! :-) I fired it up, loaded antivirus, updated xp, and gushed. It is so cute, so light, so SMALL! I can't believe he did it. Well actually, I can, because that's the kind of guy he is. But I totally wasn't expecting it. What a guy!

Now - I am off to try to make a dent in word count - if I can hit 40k by the end of this week it will be a real accomplishment and I might be able to finish this baby before the end of the month. Right after I pick up the pup from the groomer's and drop my MIL at the hospital...

And one more thing - pop over to the PHS today as Executive Editor Marsha Zinberg is blogging about Harlequin's Famous Firsts program! Reading her post, it is so cool to realize that these bestselling authors started out submitting, getting rejected, and making that first Harlequin sale. So inspiring! I wonder if they look back and think "Who knew when I signed on for that first book, that this is where I'd end up?" Anyway go read. There's a fabulous prize from Harlequin up for grabs.


  1. Anonymous10:46 a.m.

    Donna -
    Awww, that is the sweetest gesture!

    And - we're reading the same book!


  2. a.m.

    Donna, very happy to hear that your father in law is doing better and that he is able to go home soon! And what is with that hubby of yours...what a guy! Yeah, on the new laptop and I hope you get to enjoy it outside today in this beautiful weather we are having (I live in your neck of the woods, lol). From my laptop (currently outside in the yard working on a chapter) to yours...have a great day.

  3. Wow!! Yeah, I'd keep him, if I were you! ;)

    Glad to hear things are looking up for you. I've missed chatting! But I know you're plugging along, and I'm attempting to do the same. :P

    We'll catch up soon enough...

  4. Oh yeah, a definite keeper! They are very few feelings in the world better than being truly appreciated. Your hubby's a hero:-)

  5. Glad to hear your father in law is recovering and what a lovely, thoughtful gift from your hubby. Some men are keepers :)

  6. Anonymous2:12 p.m.

    Hey very nice. I knew I liked that husband of yours for some reason! Glad to hear things are going better. I'll get a decent note off to you soon.

    Love ya,
    Michele P

  7. you know, you should marry him. really, i think he's a keeper :)

    um...the word verification is extratail...i guess you can have too many?

  8. Anonymous4:55 p.m.

    I just got the book you sent me that I won in the Cataromance contest. Thanks a lot.
    I look forward to reading it and will let you know how much I enjoy it.

  9. Go the husbands! I've got some of those little things and I do lots of reading and writing on it. It's the best! My hubby bought me mine too.

  10. Wow Donna. I think you should get the title of Super Superwoman! I'm delighted that your FIL is doing so much better I can't imagine the stress of having a four hour procedure go on to almost eight hours. The strain would have been unbearable to me, thank the Lord for a good book to escape with!

    It sounds like you knew what you were doing when you married that one *sigh* I love romance :)

  11. What a guy... But you're something special, too and he knows it.