Sunday, June 14, 2009


It all started with one drop of watermelon juice.

It really and truly did. One drop, on my new white shirt. No biggie, right? I'll just use my tide-to-go pen and it will be right as rain.

Used tide to go pen.

Ten minutes later realized the spot where I'd used the pen was yellow. Nice, round, yellowy splotch. Take off shirt and put on Shout and scrub by hand.

Still yellow.

Mother in law suggests baking soda and vinegar - rinse after it stops bubbling. I do this and hang it on the line.

Normally the sun is a fantastic bleacher. Not today. STILL YELLOW.

Ok. White shirt plus bleach. Which should really equal blindingly white shirt at the end of it.

End result:

White shirt with LAVENDER SPLOTCHES, completely ruined. How does a white shirt suddenly manufacture PURPLE? The mind boggles.

All from 1 drop of watermelon juice.

Did I mention it was the FIRST time I wore the shirt?


When I bought it, I also bought a pair of beige capri pants. They have disappeared after one wearing. Not in any of the hampers, nor in my closet or drawers - I've checked three times.

Sometimes I just wonder. Sigh. If there is a silver lining it is that I now have a completely sparkling, santized SINK.


  1. Great post Donna! And so true to the word. I have a favourite light yellow hoodie (so comfortable) and every time I wear it, something gets splattered on never fails. Good luck finding those capris :)

  2. OH my gosh! Wow. How indeed? I think it's the shop you bought them for. You've bought animated objects there. They can colour change and hide themselves! Maybe the juice had something nuclear in it?