Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Working on: Sold To The Highest Bidder
Listening to: husband snoring
Reading: Home Again by Jules Bennett

Tuesday already, and my to-do list keeps growing. Is it Sunday yet? Because I'm looking forward to the end of this week.

I do have another quick book blog and reel review. We watched GET SMART the other night and OMG I laughed SO much. I adore Steve Carell by the way. And also Anne Hathaway, so I was prepared to be entertained (and I was). GREAT one liners and silliness but Max was wayyyy more capable than I expected. He really was quite lovable.

Is it just me or is SC really handsome? Not in your drop dead sexy kind of way but really handsome???? I find him quite attractive. GREAT eyes and very sharp in a suit. And he makes me laugh and that goes a long way.

And don't forget Dwayne Johnson (the Rock). He was great and Alan Arkin made for some great laughs. My one complaint was language, as there was a LOT of low-grade swearing and this was something I watched with the girls.

And book-wise I read Hawk's Way - Carter and Falcon by Joan Johnston. They were...meh. I think perhaps the style is just not my cup of tea. This book was lent to me by a friend, who liked Carter's story best. Not me. I liked Falcon's best, once we got over the very unheroic beginning. It was like he went through a personality transplant without the arc being quite clear enough, but the man he became was quite wonderful.

The husband is home today and I am working on Sold...I really need to start making word count on this thing. Then tonight one kid has Brownies and the other her spring concert and we're trying to coordinate arrival and pick up times....

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  1. I like the title! Very intriguing.

    Also, how are you managing to blog whilst your husband is snoring??!!