Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday...each day is a bit closer...

Working On: Sold
Listening to: window's open, birds are singing
Reading: Home Again, Jules Bennett

It is Thursday which means really only 3 more days of craziness. Today is perhaps the busiest. Dd2 has yoga at 4, dd1 has badminton at 6 and dd2 has to be at the school for her spring concert at 6:30. Dd1 is being picked up by a friend as I will be at the concert, and then I will pick her up on the way home. I also did NOT get the weeding done as intended. I mowed the grass yesterday and started to weed, but was interrupted.

Perhaps I should mention the three things that told me I should have ended my day at 3:30 yesterday.

1) while moving things to get the lawn tractor out, I didn't realize the dh had left a saw on the worktable as it was partially covered. I uncovered it by accident. Then I went for a bandaid or two.

2) while weeding the flower bed, I hear the call from the house: "Dreamer threw up in her kennel!" Which means weeding halted and I spent 20 minutes taking apart and hosing down her crate and washing her blanket.

3) while trying to go downstairs quietly after the girls were in bed, I slipped and fell down the hardwood stairs, bruising my bum, arm, and knocking the wind from myself. Daughters woke with a start, rushed to my assistance and rubbed my back. I shooed them back to bed and took myself and my pride back upstairs to have a shower.

A definite bright spot though was finishing Surrender to the Playboy Sheikh by Kate Hardy.

I devoured this book.

There were a couple of things I adored. First of all, I'm the first to admit that Sheikh books are a big turnoff for me. I have read a few that were good, but if we're being honest, if I had to choose among a month's releases on the shelf, I'd pass over the sheikh book first.

That being said, I LOVED Karim. He is not your typical Sheikh. When Kate says in the dear reader that she said no sand and no robes, I had a feeling it would be different. Karim was Sexy with a capital S. I believed his conflict. He was dead sexy, did I mention that? And he is a leader. After recent discussions about alphas, I realized that while it was with some reluctance, Karim would be the best leader of his country that he possibly could be. It isn't in him to be second best. Or to not get what he wants.

The other thing I absolutely adored was the food. I was so hungry reading this book. And I kept thinking, does Kate actually taste test all the foods she puts in her books? Because if she does, I'm coming for dinner.

I'm looking forward to reading the next in the playboy's on my coffee table right now. :-)

But first - word count. And my bedding is on the line. I might even get some weeding done before I have to put on my chauffeur hat this afternoon....


  1. Glad you enjoyed Karim, Donna.

    And yeah, I taste test. (Why d'you think I'm always falling off my diet? *g*) Come over for dinner any time. (Canada to England... yeah, you'll be here for tomorrow night...)

  2. Anonymous11:01 a.m.

    Ouch Donna. Hope you aren't too sore this morning.


  3. Ouchie on the fall, Donna. Hope you feel ok today.

  4. I'm volunteering to help taste test with you Donna! My gosh you're a busy woman, talk about being a juggling extraordinaire! I hope there aren't any uncomfortable bruises.