Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This and that

Working on: Sold
Listening to: Il Divo - The Promise
Reading: Surrender to the Playboy Sheikh - Kate Hardy

Don't forget to pop over to Romantic Ramblings for the latest in the Ask an Author promotion! I think the latest question is really interesting! And as always, there are some great books up for grabs.

I also decided that going for a run with the husband yesterday would be a great way to get into the OMG you really need to get in shape swing of things. Unfortunately my body thought I was clearly crazy and after the first half mile, which went really well I thought, my right hip suddenly developed this huge pain right in the joint. I couldn't run - and it hurt to even walk. Picture me in a jacuzzi bath in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon after yoga did nothing to help. And then limping my way around last night. Today it is still sore and I'm limping a bit but I managed to walk the dog around the "short" loop - about 20 min.

But talk about discouraging.

However the mail brought some treats including 2 Modern Heats by Kate Hardy. I am devouring the first one. My choice of words is deliberate. This book is making me SO hungry. Just when I've decided to be very, very good, we're talking about sorbets and dark and spicy chocolate and choux pastry.

I have to run to the bank and post office after 12 pm and the lawn must be mowed today - I think it grew four inches after all the rain we had...

But first - attempting word count. It is slow going right now...very slow. Sigh.

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  1. See! Right there! That's why no one should exercise ever!!! I've had similar unpleasant things happen so I'm waiting on the sidelines with your medi kit ;-)